Yay, the sun has reappeared, and it is actually so hot that I’ve come inside for a little shade! Here is what is happening in my life at the moment.

Currently I am….

dsc_0959.jpgPotting food at every opportunity. I am well underway with weaning Orla. She is turning out to be a great eater and so far will take anything we give her. I am having to get more organised to keep up with her. I’ve found the easiest way so far is to fill ice cube trays with portions of things like sweet potato and carrot and then pop a couple of cubes into a tupperwear tub in the morning. Works for frozen fruit as well! All those years of saving takeaway sauce pots is about to pay off!

Sporting a new look! Last week I took the plunge and had about 2 inches of hair chopped off and had it coloured an auburn shade. I’ve wanted to go red for years and it feels like now is the right time to do it. No photos yet, as not had time to ask Rob to get a good one, and I am atrocious at taking selfies! But I do love it, and will do a separate post on it later.

dsc_0945.jpgProgressing with the decorating at last. After a six month delay we finally decided to just hire someone to come and finish off the spare room. Our decorator did a great job and we uncovered this fireplace behind some built in wardrobes and decided to leave it exposed. We have moved into this room now so that we can start the decorating in our own bedroom, so there is still furniture in all the wrong places and it’s a bit of a muddle. But, once our room is done that will be all the bedrooms decorated and the house will feel a bit more in order.

Eating hog roast sandwiches with stuffing and apple sauce at the Clitheroe Food Festival last week. I have been meaning to go for years and this year we actually made it! It was worth the wait. The High Street and Market Square were packed with tents each selling delicious treats. We could easily have spent a fortune, but we held back and only bought…hog roast sandwiches, coffee, Irish Cream Ice Cream, Chocolate Orange Brownies and a big pork pie! Next year I am going to get fudge, Sangria and macaroons. I have it all planned out in my head!

dsc_0950.jpgTransforming our front door. It was brown, it is now covered in grey primer and filler, and it is going to be bright red! I am so excited. Rob and I have always wanted a pillar box red front door. Just think of how good it will look at Christmas with a Holly Wreath on it!