Sleeping Beauty has been on my Amazon Prime to rent list for over a year and last week it finally landed through the letterbox. Here is what flitted through my head as I revisited this Disney classic:

  • Hey! Maleficent’s voice is the same as Cinderella’s Evil Stepmother! That lady must have had children cowering wherever she went!
  • So because of the fairies plan the poor King and Queen have to send away their baby girl until she is 16? That is horrific! Sleeping Beauty is one of the few princesses with both parents alive and she still ends up an orphan.
  • The artwork for Sleeping Beauty is done in the style of medieval tapestries, it is kind of weird as the backgrounds look kind of flat and then people move through them. But it does give the film an epic tale type of feel.
  • Now Aurora is wandering through the forest chatting to animals. This is a talent that again nearly all Disney princesses have. Seems like a fair deal; no parents but able to talk to animals!
  • Aw! I love how when the animals make a ‘prince’ for Aurora by stealing Philip’s clothes, the bunny boots can’t keep up with the dancing! Very cute!
  • And then the lovebirds meet and it is extremely romantic – singing and dancing in a forest.
  • The good fairies trying to bake a cake, make a dress and clean the house are exactly like me trying out things I find on Pinterest.
  • Oh no, now everyone is telling Aurora and Philip that they can’t marry the beautiful stranger they just met because they are already betrothed to unknown royalty. You know, a lot of the conflict in this story could have been avoided if formal introductions had been made.
  • The butler serving the Kings looks exactly like the Lannister squire that led King Robert to his downfall in Game of Thrones.
  • As Philip picks his Dad up for an impromptu waltz I realise that Philip has the most personality out of all the Disney princes.
  • Maleficent appearing in the fireplace is so very disturbing. She is a magnificent villain!
  • With the Princess cursed and everyone about to be very disappointed the fairies put everyone to sleep. Are the fairies the actual protagonists in this story? They are the ones who are coming up with the plans and pitching themselves against Maleficent. In fact if you look at this film with the fairies as the main characters does Sleeping Beauty become a feminist movie?
  • Love Prince Philip’s escape from the dungeons, actual sword fighting!
  • I also have equal love the little shimmy Merryweather does when ever she is building herself up to do something.
  • Ah, the original dragon transformation. Without this sequence would Jafar ever have turned himself into a giant snake?
  • And once again, it is Flora’s spell that save the day, not really Prince Philip, although he is still a top Prince.
  • And now I can’t help but feel that is a bit ignorant of Aurora and Philip to dance in the ballroom when poor Aurora’s parents have not seen their daughter for 16 years! Shouldn’t catching up and hugging them be more of a priority than dancing with the Prince, no matter how dishy he may be?
  • But then again, without the dance we wouldn’t have the ‘make it blue / make it pink’ animation, which is spectacular!

The End.