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Rob and I are both happily geeky. By that, I mean that we have unbridled enthusiasm for a number of TV shows, films, games, comics and stories. We like Science-Fiction, Fantasy and Action and Adventure. We collect Lego mini-figures, transformers and we quote Adventure Time at one another all the time. (You have poo brain, I diagnosed it like five minutes ago!)

Now that our duo has become a trio one of the things I am looking forward to is sharing our geeky love with our little one. Here are my top ten parenting geek goals that I one day hope to fulfill:


  1. Read The Hobbit to Orla as a bed time story. My Dad read the Hobbit to me when I was a little girl and it is what started my journey with the epic Lord of the Rings. Surely, by the time that Orla is old enough to read it there will be a reboot of the movies?
  2. Give Orla our extensive Lego collection as a Christmas present. Rob and I Lego heroeshave collected a substantial amount of Lego sets over the years. It is all now in a big box in the loft, complete with a ring binder full of instructions. When Orla is old enough not to eat the pieces I want to give the set to her as a big present one Christmas.
  3. Support her in a toy collection. Collecting is a staple part of Geekdom. When I was little I collected a set of little crocodiles from Kinder Surprise Eggs. Mum would let me buy one chocolate egg a week with pocket money. I can’t wait to see what toys Orla falls in love with when she is older!
  4. Watch Star Wars together for the first time. Starting with A New Hope of course. She will be much older before we have The Talk about the prequels.
  5. Watch her play her own make believe games. Imagination and story telling are central to geek culture, I am so excited to find out what games Orla will want to play when she is older, and where her imagination will lead her.
  6. Do comic con as a family. The one in Manchester is great, just need her to be big DSC_1141enough not to be overwhelmed by the crowds.
  7. Do comic con as a family in group costume! Am thinking Han, Leia and a little Wookie! Or maybe Jake, Marcelene and baby Princess Bubblegum! So many options!
  8. Buy her books. Lots of books. 
  9. Play Mario Karts with her. And let her win at least once!
  10. Encourage her passions whatever they turn out to be. Seriously, Orla might not be interested in any of my geeky hobbies, and that is OK. But whatever she likes, I want her to know that it is cool to be passionate about things, whether that is sport, stories, gardening, cooking, or making mud pies. I want her to know that enthusiasm is good and that she should run with whatever makes her happy. That, my friends, is the true geek spirit!