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Years ago Rob and I bought a table and dining room table set from a second hand furniture shop for a whopping £75! Score!

Although, maybe we got such a good deal because the chairs looked like this:

dsc_0965.jpgYeah, there are a few problems here.

dsc_0966.jpgFirstly, I hate the fabric, and those huge big tacks, not a fan.

dsc_0967.jpgThen there were some hole issues! Basically these chairs were in need of some tender loving care, and it may have taken four years but I finally got round to sorting them out (with a little help from my friends!)

This project was a team effort with me, Mum, Mary and Joanne working together….and Orla helpfully cheered us on!
dsc_0980.jpgFirst we had to dismantle the chairs which took a lot of work. They were absolutely full of staples! We used screwdrivers, pliers and hammers to prise out each tack and staple one by one. Luckily it was a sunny day so we got to do the work outside in the garden. My hand was aching by the time we were finished!

dsc_0987.jpgEventually we had four empty chairs lined up on the grass, which my mum gave a good clean as I nipped out to the fabric shop with my sewing-fairy-Godmother Mary to pick up wadding. I’ve talked about Mary a lot on this blog, she is my wonderful friend and teacher, and finally here is a picture of her at work!
20160826_104817.jpgWe then recovered the seat with a layer of wadding and the new fabric. All the fabric came from Immanuel Fabrics in Burnley. The new covers were £12 for two meters and the felt was £2 for two meters. I had to do some hunting in the back rooms to find the fabric that I liked. I wanted a classic design in either blue or green, and it had to be strong enough to be used on chairs. Luckily Immanuel has nearly any kind of fabric you can imagine…you just have to find it! I love that shop!

Mary and her daughter-in-law Jo stapled the seats together – Jo had the strongest hands for both staple removing and for staple fastening, she went twice as fast as the rest of us!





dsc_1026.jpgWe attached the backs of the chairs with more staples and then added a braiding (£1 per meter from Nelson Market) with a glue gun. Four upholstery tacks secured it all in place and we were done!


Finally, the chairs have had the makeover that they so desperately needed and our dining room looks a lot tidier and prettier as a result! That’s another house job ticked off the list!