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wp-1470946730382.pngWorking in a College for nearly ten years has caused me to still see September as a month of new starts. It will be strange this year to not be joining in with the mayhem of enrolment days, the bustle of new students, or most importantly, ordering in the new stationery for the office! Ah, Admin heaven!

September is also the start of my favourite season: Autumn. Bring on the boots and jumpers!

Whether you are in education or not here are some ways you can make September a month of New Starts:

  • Sort through your shoes – the end of summer is a great time to throw out any trainers that have been wrecked by festivals or flip flops that really aren’t going to survive another summer on the beach. Get rid now, enjoy shopping for new shoes in the Spring! Also get the polish out ready to buff up those black boots that will soon be your staple for the coming months.
  • Buy stationery – The shops are filled with new stationery designs for the Back to School crowd so it is a great time to have a little desk make over!
  • Make a reading pile – Students get reading lists at the start of the academic year. I don’t know about you but the books I want to read are currently scattered throughout the house. I am going to collect them all up and put them by my bed – otherwise it will get to January and I will realise I never read that book I bought in July! Plus for me, reading is the best way to unwind so anything that encourages me to put my phone down and pick a book up is a good thing.
  • Plan some Parties! – We all need cheering up as the days get darker and colder, and wetter! Autumn offers lots of chances for lifting the gloom with social events but you have to actually plan it in. Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas Carol services – research local events now, plan the costume party now, and then you will actually make it to a bonfire this year instead of craning your neck out of the attic window to see the firework display of the people in the street behind you!
  • Review your New Year Resolutions – Can you even remember what they were? Never mind – you still have four months of 2016 to make some changes and accomplish a big goal – Go for it!