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I am a little late in writing this up, but I had a lovely Bank Holiday Weekend with the family last week and I want to write it up now so that I remember it. Here is what happened:

Friday Night


Orla has finally got a proper bedtime! After months of her staying awake till 10 -11 o’clock, she now is asleep by 8pm most nights. Hallelujah!

This means that Rob and I can have some relaxed time together in the evening again so this Friday night we watched a film and drank fireball whisky. Yum! We watched Victor Frankenstein with James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe.To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much but actually I really enjoyed it, and it was great to have a Movie Night again.


Cathy and Orla

In the morning I left Orla with Rob and went to see my friend Beth, who I hadn’t seen in ages. She was de-cluttering in preparation of starting a new course and wanted rid of a load of crafting/scrap booking supplies. I was happy to relieve her of some choice items!

Not only did I get a bag full of stationery swag I had a really good catch up with her. I got to see her gorgeous cottage for the first time and she has it decked out like a Geek Girl’s heaven. We had a great chat about all of our overlapping interests; Disney, Blogging, Comic Con, Bronze furniture accessories….It was lovely! And then as I was leaving I spotted we even have the same red polka dot lunch bag!

Then in the afternoon Orla and I went to a bridal shower and indulged in a wonderful afternoon tea whilst hanging out with some fantastic ladies.



Sunday we did Church in the morning  and then invited friends over for a BBQ. We had just enough sunshine and far too much meat to make the most of our fire pit!

It was great to spend the day out in the garden and have a long natter with friends.

By the end of the day Orla had really warmed up to the company and spent a good twenty minutes ‘walking’ from one person to the next. It’s her new favourite activity,to hold on to our hands and walk around for a bit! I



Monday started with Rob making a quick trip to Curry’s to pick up a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner in the Bank Holiday Sale. I know this sounds boring but I am really excited about it. Needed a new one for a long time!

Then we went out to Skipton for lunch with my parents. We went to Herriots Hotel for lunch and then walked into the centre along the canal. We went to a wedding at Herriots a couple of weeks ago and were so impressed with their courtyard and food that I think this will be one of our favourite food spots from now on.We had a good wander around the perimeter of the castle, enjoyed ice cream and stopped for coffee before heading home with a pooped out little girl.

It has been a packed and fabulous weekend. I feel like we have made the most of the last Bank Holiday for the year now.

Bring on September!