I tried out a new recipe yesterday; Ginger Chicken Stir-fry with Toasted Sesame Seeds. Now, normally Rob is the stir-fry maker in our house, so it was a step out of my comfort zone for me. I know stir-frys are meant to be easy but I always tend to get it wrong somehow….and this was no exception, as you will see!

dsc_1065.jpgFirst I had to marinade the chicken in soy sauce and water for an hour. You know a meal means serious business when it involves a marinade!
dsc_1070.jpgThen I had to fry up the chicken and leeks in the trusty wok! So far so good.
dsc_1072.jpgOnce I had browned the chicken I chucked in the rest of the veg. I totally cheated with the veg and got pre-prepared cut up veg. Orla has very little patience when I am cooking so anything that helps shave time off is a great help. Also the sliced carrot and the broccoli and cauliflower florets only cost £1.60 altogether and I have plenty left over for another two meals so I think it is a pretty good price.

Then I added four table spoons of wine and some ginger for flavourings.  The recipe called for freshly grated root ginger but I have learned from the past that I never end up using the rest of it so I just used ground ginger.

20160901_182418.jpgThis is where I ran in to trouble. The next step was to toast some sesame seeds under a hot grill for five minutes. This is what the seeds looked like before I put them under the grill….and yes, you guessed it, here is what they looked like five minutes later…
dsc_1075.jpgOops! I did manage to salvage a few teaspoons of the edible seeds. Next time I must keep a closer eye on these, but in my defense it was at this point that Orla decided that she wanted to be cuddled and nothing else would do!

In the stir-fry I added a cornflour and water paste…that I am not sure really added anything to the meal, but I followed the instruction anyway.

And the end result looked like this:

dsc_1076.jpgI really need to work on my food photography, but again had a crying baby to deal with! Anyway, the work was worth it as it was very tasty and healthy meal. And we have enough left over to have it for tea again tonight.

I love it when there is enough food for two meals! Maybe I should have another go at toasting sesame seeds…..