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I was leafing through The Vintage Tea Party Year by Angel Adoree and came across her chapter on children’s birthday party. She says in the introduction:
instaquote-06-09-2016-15-29-39.pngIt got me thinking about all the birthday parties Orla has to come and all the parties that I had when I was little. I have seen on Pinterest and blogs I follow that children’s parties can become elaborate and expensive, with huge decorations and big venues, but I think that really the most fun is probably still had at the simple and laid back parties where there is Jelly and Ice Cream.

Here are the things that I remember making a great birthday party;

  • Party dresses that twirl out when you spin in a circle
  • Party ring biscuits
  • Musical Bumps and Musical Chairs and Musical Statues….one CD player, endless games!
  • Themed Birthday Cakes with your favourite toys balancing on the icing
  • Party bags with cheap plastic toys
  • Dancing
  • Giving invitations to your friends
  • Grainy home videos of the parties where the adults are all wearing vibrant 90s jumpers (this may not be possible to recreate)

and of course….

  • Jelly and Ice Cream!

That’s what makes a good party in my opinion. Have I missed anything out?