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Rob, Orla and I are just wrapping up our ‘big holiday’ of the year. Rob had two weeks off from work and, for a change, managed to pick the hottest and sunniest weeks of the year!

We did a UK based holiday this year. We set off on Saturday and spent the weekend with friends in Cambridge, before going on to a rented house on the seafront at Clacton-on-Sea. We stayed there a week and were joined on Thursday by Rob’s Mum and one of his Aunts. Then all five of us went to stay at another one of Rob’s Aunts house for the weekend as Rob’s Uncle was having a big 60th Birthday Party. He’d hired a local pub and pulled in many musician friends to play live music all day. It was excellent!

We then had another, slightly calmer, week back at home together. It’s been great having Rob around full time and it’s going to be a bit of a shock to the system when he goes back to work on Monday!

Anyway, here is a flavour of my September, currently I am….

img_20160922_174926.jpgEnforcing chill out time. Each month looking after Orla is getting a little bit easier but I still sometimes feel frustrated with how little I get done in the day. The temptation is to then plow through jobs when she does go to sleep at 8pm, but if I do that I get totally frazzled and exhausted. I have come to realise that once it gets to 8pm, I need to relax and do things that I enjoy and get me ready to sleep. So I am limiting my evening activities to watching TV, painting my nails, reading a book or colouring in my Enchanted Forest colouring book!

Watching Friends! Suddenly the Comedy Central channels have appeared on our TV and they show Friends episodes almost continously. It’s been a few years since I actually watched any episodes so it has been great to dive back in, especially as all Orla wants to do is walk around the coffee table for hours on end. It is a life saver having something entertaining going on for me!


Itching to wear my new boots. On the way down to Cambridge we stopped at a Boundary Mill Store in Grantham. I got separated from Rob and Orla for a few minutes and on my way to find them I spotted these beautiful navy Rieker ankle boots! By the time I caught up to my family there was a big shopping bag swinging at my elbow! I adore these boots, they fit perfectly, they look gorgeous and they scream out ‘autumn is here!’. Except it’s been boiling and sunny ever since I got them! I need the weather to cool down before I can show them off.

Reading ‘Surprised by Hope’. A Christian book leant to me by a friend who does Bible translations. It is about how the central hope of the Christian faith isn’t to go to heaven when we die but that one day the creator God will renew His entire creation. Believers will have resurrected bodies (like Jesus) and the world will be renewed. It is really fascinating! But I have found if I read it too close to bed time that it gets my brain thinking too much and then I can’t sleep!

dsc_1169.jpgAdmiring the pastel rainbows of beach huts. Is there anything that sums up modest British charm than a row of pristine beach huts! I loved walking along the beach at Clacton and taking in the views. Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside….

Eating too much ice cream for my own good. Enough said.



Continuing with my Bible Journalling. This is a sneak peak on the piece I am working on right now. The monthly challenge I have from my Bible Journalling group is to make a ‘shaker‘ based on a favourite  worship song. I have an idea of how it will look in the end but I am a bit cautious to start the next step as it involves glitter!