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I have missed a couple weeks of my Memory Verse challenge with being on holiday so I am feeling a bit rusty as I come back to it today. In fact I was half tempted to stop this series. I began it as Orla was keeping me so busy that I struggled to get to my Bible at all during the day so I swapped from reading four chapters a day to having a memory verse to learn a week.

Now that Orla is napping more consistently I am back to reading my chapters daily. And I am very grateful for that! Reading the Bible is for me the primary (but not only) way that I experience God’s presence, and I miss it when I go without it.

But learning and focussing on a single verse for a week has also been beneficial. It makes me think about some of the more challenging things Jesus said where otherwise I would be tempted to gloss over it. So I have decided to continue my series, and this week’s verse is Matthew 5:17 which says…

mt05_17These words are important as they show the huge change and connection between the Old and New Testament. I think this is something a lot of people struggle to get their heads round as Christianity sprung up from the Jewish faith and Christians still hold the Old Testament to be the Word of God but are not under obligation to obey the Old Testament Law.

The reason for that is that we view the Old Testament Law as a covenant between God and the Israel nation. The people would worship God and obey the Law given by Moses in return for God’s blessings. God would then make His name known through the Israel nation and would use them to bless all other nations.

That covenant was fulfilled and completed in the sacrifice and Resurrection of Jesus, and a new form of the Covenant was introduced that would not only be for Jews but for everyone who would put their faith in Jesus.

The differences between the Old Covenant and the New way are…


Old Way New Way
Contained by the Israelite nation For all peoples of every nation
Only the special related to the Holy Spirit All believers can receive the Holy Spirit
Practiced by law Practiced by faith
Had priests to mediate between man and God Has Jesus to mediate between man and God
Concerned the earthly life of Jewish people. (interesting to note: there are no promises that eternal life would be given to the Jews if they followed the Jewish law. The people’s hope of an eternity with God was always in the Messiah) Promises eternal life for all believers

So even though Christians don’t have to obey the Mosaic Law it is still really important to us as Jesus came to fulfill the Law on behalf of all people and bring in a new way of grace.

Obviously, this is a massive subject that I could go on and on about but that feels like enough to keep me going this week! I am looking forward to continuing on my Memory Verse challenge!