One of my favourite weekend activities is to hit up on local craft and art fairs. Rob and I have been visiting these fairly frequently for the last couple of years. In fact, we have been to enough now to recognise and build a friendship with some of the artists.

One lady, has become a particular inspiration for me. We met Helen Russel a couple of years ago and instantly loved her cute ceramics populated with cheeky cartoon birds and critters. I especially love her Batman and Robin series and the Puffin who thinks he is Fred Astaire. All the characters she draws have back stories and worlds that they inhabit, each one is bursting with personality and life and is a reflection of the artist herself.

Seeing Helen once every six-to ten months or so, it has been incredible to see the steps she has been taking to build up her business. One time we chatted to her just as she was making the leap from working from home to renting her own studio space. Then we saw her at the beginning of the month at the Art in the Pen event at Skipton to discover she has introduced a whole new line of stationary items to her collection.

When I talk to Helen I am amazed at her bravery; how she keeps on trying new things and how hard she works. Although I have no desire to become an artist myself she inspires me to keep on working hard at the things I love to do, and to be willing to take risks. And even as she takes these big steps she always has a great joy and cheerfulness about her that saturates her creations.

I know this all sounds very gushy, but I really do admire her work and her approach to making her own business. I promise I am not being sponosored for this post, and apart from seeing her at art events I don’t have any other friendship with her. She is just someone who I admire and I thought it would be nice to share a bit about her and her work.

If you would like to see more of what she does you can check out her website here.