OK, so today’s bake was meant to be these adorable and pristine mini Victoria Spunge cakes:



But I had a few issues when making them so instead I am calling them Messy Vickys; they are like the sticky toddler version of the grown up cake.

My first issue was that the cakes didn’t rise. I don’t know if you can make out the recipe on the above photo but the instructions were to include 1 egg and 1 egg yolk. Full credit to my Mum who pointed out as I was baking that 2 eggs would get a better rise, but I decided to follow the recipe exactly and threw out the spare egg white. Foolish mistake!



Look at my flat little sponges. This recipe was meant to make twelve mini cakes but I could see at this point that there was no way I could half these sponges, so instead I made six, and used the sponges as halves.


So I persevered and whipped up the double cream…and then over-whipped it turning it into clotted cream and then diluted it with milk to get it back to the desired soft peak stage. This got the texture right but I am not sure if it watered down the taste a bit too!

I assembled the cakes as above and then topped with icing.


OK, now this is where I realised that I need to be neater in my icing but the bake was taking longer than anticipated and I was in a rush to get finished!

It had been a stressy bake so far but then the next step made it all worth it. The recipe called for me to sieve two tablespoons of jam, put it in a icing bag and then put three jam dots on the top of each cake, and then run a cocktail stick through it. It sounded really fiddly but I thought I might as well give it a go.

So I did….and it was brilliant!


The dots turned into pretty hearts! I was so pleased! It was worth doing the whole bake just to learn that trick!

dsc_1297.jpgTo be fair the hearts soon slid off due to my messy icing but still! Here is the finished product, nowhere near as ordered and beautiful as the picture, but still appealing in what the Bake Off would call ‘informal’ way!