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Jesus said:


This verse seems well timed for me this week. Last night I hosted a Bible Q&A evening at my church and it was really fun. We had a small panel and looked at half a dozen questions submitted from our church congregation. The questions included ones like:

  • Who decided which books to include in the Bible?
  • How do you know they tell the truth?
  • Free will or predestination? Help!
  • Why does God seem to do so much killing in the Old Testament?
  • Isn’t the Bible just filled with rules and regulations? Why can’t you have fun?
  • Prove to me that God exists.

It was fantastic to explore these questions but I felt like I could spend hours talking about each one of them, it was so hard to keep the night moving and not dwell too long on one topic.

So it feels special today to come to this verse and be reminded that the whole of Scripture still has it’s purpose and place in our lives, even if, as I looked at last week, we are not under an obligation to obey the law. My head is still buzzing today with thoughts and ideas and I am aware all over again at just how rich, deep and mysterious the Word of God. It is like an Ocean with more life hidden away they deeper you search.