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Today’s quotation leapt out at me the other day when I was reading The One Hundred by Nina Garcia:

Now, I own a fair few bangles but I hardly ever wear them now due to the impracticality of them. They do make a lot of noise and they make typing difficult, and I can never get a coat on gracefully over them!

But this line had me thinking that maybe I should embrace the noisy impractical things anyway. I like the idea that the clatter of bangles as a loud announcement of your stylish arrival!

Since becoming a mum I have been very practical about what I wear. All my jewellery is sitting unused in a box, my heels are under the bed collecting dust, all my pretty dresses are hanging pristine in the wardrobe whilst I wear breastfeeding-friendly jumpers and jeans.

I am itching to indulge again in impractical fashion, and I think an arm full of clashing clattering bangles might just be the place to start….