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Short blog post today. We have a Horse Chestnut Tree right next to our garden that is covering the grass with a ridiculous amount of conkers. Which is a dream come true! Our own personal supply of conkers!

Except we have so many and are too big to be having conker fights in the playground, that I’ve not been sure what to do with them. For a couple of weeks I had a jar full of them sitting on the dinning room table.


Then this week inspiration struck and I decided to spruce up a couple of candle lanterns with an Autumn theme, like so;



So pretty!

The lanterns were £12 each from Wilkinsons last year. I absolutely love the home section of Wilkinsons. There are so many lovely things! Then I filled them with conkers and added a sprig of berries from our dogrose bush. It’s really simple but it has brought a touch of the autumnal feel in the garden into the house, and I love it!