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Bit of a different post today. I just want to write down something lovely my Mum did for me last week. I am so grateful for the little things she does for me and it strikes me that I often use blogging to record the nice things in life; meals out, pretty clothes…etc. But the things I am most thankful for are just the simple moments with the people I love, and I should make more effort to record and remember them…

Like this one….

It was my birthday last week. I was spoiled with gifts and thoughtful cards but I hadn’t really planned any Birthday activities or celebrations. Our next few weekends are already booked up with things and I am OK with having a low key birthday, especially as I am thinking I might have a big do next year for the big 3-0!

On the morning of my Birthday I awoke to kisses from Orla and a pile of presents from Rob! Then after Rob had gone to work, Orla and I went to see my Mum.

I got talking to Mum about how worn out I was feeling. Orla is still a terrible sleeper and some weeks it really takes it toll. I said how, for the first time in my life, a spa day actually sounded appealing. The idea of going somewhere quiet for a couple of hours just to relax suddenly seems exciting. But it is expensive! Especially when you have to pay for the whole day when I know that I would only want a couple of hours.

My Mum said something along the lines of; ‘well why don’t you try having bubble baths at home with candles and books?’ She knows me well!

‘I don’t have time!’ I moaned, ‘By the time Rob is home and we have had tea, there is only half an hour before we have to do bedtime, and then once she is asleep I don’t dare run a bath in case it wakes her up…and…’

Then Mum interrupted me and said, ‘why don’t you have one now? There is plenty of hot water, I have bubble bath and a stack of books from the library.’

And that is how I ended up having what felt like the most luxurious bath at 11am on a Thursday morning for my Birthday. It was heavenly! Mum looked after Orla, who was thrilled to have play time with Grandma and I enjoyed an hour long soak!

I know it was only a little indulgence in the grand scheme of potential Birthday treats but it was exactly what I needed; an hour’s brake from Mummy-responsibility, a chance to rest all my muscles and to let my mind go on holiday with a good book!

I then felt refreshed and energized to take on the rest of the day, and I am so grateful for my Mum for just providing what I needed when I needed it most! She is the best, and my role model in how to be kind to people.

Thanks Mum!