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I was due to write up a Book Bag post today according to my Blog Planner, but I am surprised to say that I haven’t finished a book since the last Book Bag post. Feels a bit shocking to write that!

The reason is that (limited reading time aside) I am still slowly working through this book called Surprised by Hope.


It is all about what Christians really believe about life after death, and about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a lot more interesting and exciting than good people go to heaven and bad people go to hell, and I am really enjoying looking over some of the foundational beliefs of the Christian faith.

As I am not ready to do a book review I thought I would show you instead my pretty bookmark that I am using whilst I read this borrowed book. (If it were my own book I would just be folding down the corners!)


Isn’t that lovely? I picked it up from a little Art Gallery running from a beach hut at Clacton-On Sea. All of the artwork in there was produced by a club of artists who meet every Wednesday in the local Methodist Hall. They seemed to be a really tight-knit community from speaking to a couple of the sellers and the art work was really good. In the end I decided I had to get something and opted for this bookmark.

And finally I thought I would give you a glimpse at my ‘reading pile’:


Here are all the books I have got lined up, just waiting to be read. It has gotten so big that I am putting myself on a book ban. No more books until I get through this lot!