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Today I had a go at tackling one of the Bake Off legend’s recipes, his breakfast rolls. These are like cinnamon roles except they are savory and stuffed with tomato, bacon and mushrooms instead of cinnamon.


This was a big commitment in the day. With two proves, the preparation and baking time easily exceeded three hours, which makes me skeptical about how you would ever make these fresh for breakfast. You would have to get up at 6am to make them ready for 9!


The initial stages went well, I made my dough and after a couple of hours of proving had it laid out like a pizza with it’s breakfast themed filling.




dsc_1541.jpgThen I had to roll it together and slice it up…which is where things got messy! I should have left a border of dough around the edges to avoid spillage, but I didn’t, so I had quite a bit of cleaning up to do!


By the time I was putting the rolls into the baking trays I had serious doubts with how this bake was going to turn out.They were random sizes and were leaning over at odd angles. They did not look promising!


But twenty minutes later they looked much more appealing! All golden brown and puffed up. I let them cool down for a bit and then went back to sample one, and they tasted….

a bit bland. I couldn’t believe it. Three hours of work and they tasted just like your standard bacon sandwich, but rolled in to a ball! What a waste of effort! Next time I will just buy a loaf from Morrisons and have a standard bacon butty. Much less work; same good taste!

Maybe over people have had better luck than me but I don’t think this will be a recipe I will be repeating. Sorry, Mr Hollywood!