I am feeling smug this week because I managed to start and finish a craft project within one evening! There is such of a sense of satisfaction in actually completing a project on the night you start it instead of leaving it to wallow half-done in the corner for a year as it exudes an aura of guilt.

For a couple of years I picked up the odd vintage brooch at craft fairs with the intention of doing something with them one day. I’d seen on Pinterest a few beautiful Christmas Trees made out of brooches and costume jewellery and this week I decided to make it happen.


First I gathered my materials. Another bonus smug point with this craft is that I didn’t have to buy a single thing for it, I had everything I needed in the house already. The frame was a wedding present that we hadn’t filled yet. I had the wadding left over from when I upholstered the dining room chairs and I had the green fabric in my fabric stock for a cople of years. I absolutely love the bottle green colour of it, and I think I had intended to make a skirt with it one day.


I cut the wadding down to size using the back of the frame as a template, then I cut enough of the material to wrap around the wadding. I ironed the green fabric to get rid of any creases then wrapped it around the wadding and securing it in place with a glue gun.



Then I arranged the pieces of my tree. I used a few brooches and a couple of pieces of old jewellery. For the tree base I cut out a square of ribbon. Once I was happy with the layout I began securing each piece to the fabric. The brooches just pinned in very easily. I used pritt stick to glue the tree base in and I stitched in the jewellery. This was all a bit fiddly but relatively easy to do. I was lucky to have in some green thread that matched the fabric perfectly!


Once everything was stuck down I then put the frame back together and it was complete! Here is my own vintage brooch Christmas tree ready to go up this weekend when we trim up the house. All I need to do now is to decide where to hang it!