Rob and I have a Christmas tradition of doing a time lapse video when we put the tree up and this one is extra special as it is Orla’s first Christmas Tree. Turns out putting up a tree with a walking 11 month baby in the mix is a lot of fun!

Her favourite thing at the moment is exploring the rooms downstairs so you will see on the video that she keeps wandering off and then one of us had to go and herd her back to the living room!

The other change I made this year to the tree is to get some bushy red tinsel. I love tinsel but I think it is a bit out of fashion at the moment, I think people think it is a bit tacky. But I think it adds a sense of warmth and fullness to the tree so I am really pleased to have some this year.

I love doing these videos, it’s like a time capsule moment each year for our little family. If you are interested here is last year’s video featuring a real tree and a big baby bump! (We went back to artificial this year, to reduce the chances of Orla eating pine needles!)