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This month’s quote for Her Ladyship’s Notebook comes from my favourite satirical etiquette guide; The Nice Girl’s Guide to Good Behaviour.


I love this tongue in cheek advice from the 1930s. It is so wonderfully naughty and bratty, and it would be most inadvisable to actually take up its advice.

Saying that, there is something to be said about being forthright when you want company. I don’t know how many evenings I’ve wasted feeling a bit bored and lonely that could have been avoided by simply being brave, picking up the phone and actually asking a friend if they wanted to do something.

So many times I’ve second guessed myself out of contacting people. I come up with all sorts of reasons why the person might not want to see me that in the end I don’t bother. But one of the things, Rob has shown me is that actually it is no big deal to get in touch with people and simply ask; ‘what are you up to this weekend?’

That is my challenge to you. The next time you feel down and lonely and at a loose end, pick up the phone and call some one. Like this delightful book says your friends would never forgive you if you did not permit them these small chances of providing you with their friendship!