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This week I tried a new recipe that nearly ended in disaster but actually turned out great. It is from Seasonal Baking by Fiona Cairns. This is a book I bought just after I promised myself not to but any more baking books. I picked it up in a book shop and the pictures were just too pretty!

Here is how the recipe looked in the book:

dsc_1719.jpgFirst steps were to make the pastry and this seemed to take forever because I had to chill it for at least an hour….twice! Orla doesn’t really allow me to have two lots of baking time in a day so I had to spread this out over two days. Here is what the chocolate pastry looked like when it went in to the oven.


And here is what it looked like when it came out:


Oh dear! At this point I was prepared to give up on the whole idea but I had just spent ten minutes chopping up a mound of chocolate and it felt like a waste to stop, so I went ahead and just crossed my fingers that the filling would hide most of the holes!

dsc_1723.jpgIs there a more delicious sight than a mountain of chocolate pieces?

dsc_1729.jpgHmm, actually a saucepan of melted chocolate, cream and butter looks even more delicious! (Note: this bake is not January-diet friendly)


Fortunately the tart looked in much better shape with the filling in place, especially when I spattered it with melted white chocolate too! That was great fun! I then had a go at shaving down some of the edges to get a neater finish.


That effort was only partly successful! But once I sliced it and dished it out to people you couldn’t see the mistakes anyway.

Now for the important bit, how did it taste? Pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. It is dark, dense and intense, a very grown up tasting tart, and the white chocolate on top just added a sweet touch to it.

I hope the rest of the recipes in the book turn out this well!This is definitely one I would do again… although I may just buy pre-made pastry next time!