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Aw, how I love a good pair of black tights. They look great with heels, pumps or boots. You don’t need to shave your legs or paint your toes to wear them. They offer a protective layer against shoes that rub and against the cold. And they show off the leg whilst looking demure at the same time!

Black tights are my staple at work, I wear them nearly year round and begrudge the months of June, July and August when it feels a bit wrong to wear black tights, even if it is still freezing outside.

I love today’s quote from Nina Garcia’s book; The One Hundred, which goes through the one hundred items of clothing a woman “needs” to have in her wardrobe. Some of her choices are undoubtedly questionable; animal print? No, thank you!  But I agree with her one hundred percent on the magic, the wonder, the allure (spoken in a Miranda voice) of the wonderful and very-British staple of black tights!

Aside: I am completely guilty of thinking a short skirt will become instantly acceptable if partnered with black tights! Until I read this I thought I was the only one who did that!