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Booths is a Lancashire based supermarket that in the last couple of years opened a branch in Barrowford, and has become one of my favourite spots this last year. Their specialty is quality local food and a good range of wine and spirits, similar in feel and price to M&S food but with more of a Farmers Market feel.

Here are the reasons why I love Booths:


  1. Free daily hot drink for card members when bought with food.

Whilst doing a supermarket shop can be expensive in Booths, the prices in the cafe are brilliant for the quality of food you get. My mum and I often go and order two soups and two hot chocolates, and one cake for lunch and get change back from a tenner.

The free drink with a Booths card (which is also free) is a great deal. I remember one evening last year when I was heavily pregnant and tired and had half an hour to kill in town before meeting Rob. I went to the cafe and spent 60p on a KitKat chunky and then took my free hot chocolate to a sofa by the window and watched the rain fall onto the park opposite. It was bliss!

2. The baby friendly cafe layout!

Whilst we are talking about the cafe, I have to say it is an absolute haven for mum’s with babies, in fact there is often at least half a dozen mums there every time I go. The cafe is spacious, with plenty of room in between tables to maneuver prams and high chairs without disturbing other customers. There are three sets of big comfy sofas that are great spots for breastfeeding and there is a play area for toddlers too. I’ve found a lot of cafes have become out of bounds since having Orla, simply because there isn’t enough room for us, so to find a spacious eating area is fantastic.

3. The cake selection makes my mouth water

Mini Blueberry Loafs, big fat Chocolate Fudge Cakes, bright pink macaroons the size of the palm of your hand are just some of the delights in the cake stall. I think I may have sampled the whole sweet menu by now. I love it all, and they often have a tray of samples about which empty very quickly!


4. The Afternoon Tea for Two actually feeds three people!

I love an afternoon tea and Booths do a lovely generous one that requires you to have extra napkins to wrap up the left over cake to take home! Card Holders also have the option of upgrading to free Prosecco with theirs instead of Tea!

5. Their selection of wines and spirits make for good presents

Rhubarb flavoured gin, anyone? Pink Champagne? Since Booths opened Rob and I have kept our drinks trolley well stocked with a nice mix of our favourite tipples!

6. The frozen fish pie keeps me going on too-lazy-to-cook days

On days when cooking is one step too far and ordering in is one sin too many, Booths fish pie comes to my rescue. It is so easy to just put in the oven and wait an hour. If I am feeling a little bit virtuous I may also boil up some peas to go with it. Easy peasy comfort food.

7. Free Samples

Booths embraces the free sample marketing technique. Sometimes there are tiny squares of chocolate orange tiffan on the cafe bar, and sometimes there are cheese samples by the deli. And most excitedly of all, they sometimes set up a big barrel by the wine shelves with a generous array of whiskys to sample with a sales person to talk you through the different options. Delightful!


8. The Booths Christmas Book

The Booths Christmas Book appears late November and is the grown up equivalent of the ARGOS catalogue, it is just page after page of delicious festive treats beautifully laid out. The book is so wonderfully made that I can’t bring myself to throw them out. I still have 2015’s on the kitchen shelf! I know it is only a catalogue inciting you to buy more things but it is also a thing of beauty – like a Christmas Food Pinterest board that you can hold and wander through at your leisure!