This time last year I was less than a month into motherhood. I was sleep deprived, exhausted and completely intrigued by this tiny little baby in my arms. What would she be  like? What is her temprement? Will she have a favourite colour? What will make her happy? Will she ever sleep? (Answer to the last one was ‘yes, but not until 11 months!’)

Now a year on, the blanks are filling in and it feels like every couple of days Orla reveals something new and wonderful about herself. This is what I can tell you about Orla at one:

  • She tells stories I can’t understand but they all end in a happy screeching cheer
  • Dances by bobbing her knees or bouncing on her bottom
  • Sleeps through the night….well, almost
  • Has two bottom teeth
  • Has an infectious and rambunctious laugh
  • Eats everything, especially if it is on your plate instead of hers
  • Loves animals and tries to follow any dog at the park
  • Snuggles when tired
  • Knows the word ‘elephant’
  • Nods her head when you say ‘yes’
  • Says ‘Daddy’ and ‘Mummy’ and ‘yesssss’
  • Gives ‘goodnight kisses’ every evening.

What a star!