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Since going back to work I have had to become more organised in the kitchen. Rob and I tend to land back from work at half five which is also the exact time that Orla gets extremely hungry for tea. Every minute counts as we race around to get something on the table so I have been on the look out for more recipies I can make in a batch and then warm up quickly on the nights when we are rushed.

I made this at the weekend and it is absolutely delicious and really easy to make! The recipe is from the Step by Step Cook’s Encyclopedia which is a fantastic big book with photographs of every step you need to take in every recipe. It’s great because you can see what it should look like as you go. This is the first recipe I have tried from the book and I will be trying out more now that first one was so successful.

20170206_134612.jpg The first steps involved frying onions, garlic and pepper in chilli flakes, which are things I normally have in the cupboard anyway. Good start.

20170206_134654.jpgYou then had to add chorizo, chopped tomatoes and chickpeas. I saved more cooking time by using diced chorizo, which I didn’t even know existed until Rob came home with it after scouring Morrisons top to bottom and not finding a whole chorizo anywhere.  The good thing with these packets is that it would be really easy to add chorizo to a dish that needed an extra something, could spice up a chicken casserole, or even go into a winter salad.

dsc_1827.jpgI let it sizzle away for half an hour whilst the rice cooked, it smelt great as it gently simmered! I added a handful of rocket leaves just a few moments before I dished it out into bowls on top of rice.


I loved the taste of this and I normally have all of these ingredients in the house so I think this casserole will become a regular feature in my kitchen. It has just the right mount of spice to give you a lift on cold days but it is not too spicy. Orla loved the rice and kept going back to it for more chickpeas!

It also made enough to use on two nights and took just over half an hour to make which is ideal for us as a family right now. I remember being disappointed with Jamie’s 30 Minute meals because unless you could peel and dice a butternut squash in 30 seconds then you could never make the meal in half an hour but this really was a triple threat of a quick, tasty and easy meal.