The best thing about my home is the garden, no contest. It is basically a small field with old trees and lots of squirrels. Last year I thought I would get lots of gardening projects done whilst I was on maternity leave. That was a mistaken assumption….I did nothing! But even left to it’s own devices, and even in the latter bedraggled stages of winter, the garden still has lots of treasures to discover.

dsc_1812.jpgDaffodil shoots are rising up, letting me know that Spring is on it’s way. There are also signs that we will have a good bluebell crop this year. I really love all the flowers that appear in Spring and can’t wait to spot the first crocus or snowdrop.


My friend’s got me this clever bird feeder for Christmas that ‘frames’ the birds. I was desperate to put it up so I have placed it on this tree for now but I think one of our projects this year will be to set up a proper bird feeding area.

dsc_1814.jpgThe primroses are eeking out, pushing aside the dead leaves that I never got round to sweeping up!

dsc_1817.jpgBut even though it is untidy debris, I think the messy lawn is interesting, especially under the horse-chestnut tree where there is a generous scattering of conker shells. Plus the twigs and leaves are good for wildlife, which is very important to us.

I love it when a new animal comes and visits our little wildlife friendly garden, so far we have had; squirrels, birds, a hedgehog, a heron, mice, pheasants, a fox, owls and deer.

I really want to entice a badger to come next, any hints on how to do that would be most appreciated!