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Sometimes the most mesmerising person in the room is the one with the warmest smile.

– Camilla Morton

A genuine smile is worth a thousand words, and all of them are lovely. Smiles are beautiful even when your lip liner is wonky and your teeth are crooked. Smiles lift your spirit, they invite the world in to share your happiness, smiles spark conversations and open doors into countless friendships.

A warm smile says ‘ I am glad to see you. I am happy that you are here. You are wanted and I enjoy your company.’ They help us to connect with one another in a joyful way.Never underestimate the power of a smile to turn around some one’s day. Smiles are contagious, they sneakily infect people with tiny doses of happiness – even as they are determined to be grumpy.

Beauty trends come and go, fashion rotates on a speedy carousal but  a warm smile is an unchanging marvel of beauty. Never leave home without one.