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Rob and I had this project in mind for months, but in the last few weeks we have finally finished our display wall in the dining room.

We had this big blank wall in the dining room that we wanted to fill with some chunky floating shelves and a few of our prints. Rob made the shelves himself from some spare wood that we had and thought they would be a good setting to display Rob’s vintage camera collection. Having a guitar easily accessible is another bonus!

dsc_1900.jpgRob designed two of these prints and the Magpie in the top hat is the work of Jon Turner, one of our favourite artists from Manchester Comic Con. You can check out more of his work here.

dsc_1901.jpgdsc_1902.jpgI struggled to get a good photo of this print (or actually I was too lazy to go and get the good camera instead of using my phone) but I do love this piece Rob made. It reminds us to build our family by design, not by default, and to be intentional with how we want to live our lives. It is a good family motto for us.

dsc_1903.jpgI am really happy with our display wall, as it is full of things that make us happy, photography, music, art and pretty vintage things! There is also room to add more to the display over the years and would be easy to rotate things on the shelves from time to time. I could see us dressing this up for Christmas or swapping the cameras for other trinkets!