February has been a full month, we have had a window added to our bedroom, installed fitted wardrobes and had a mini-break in Wales with some lovely friends. Here is what going on in my life at the moment.

Currently I am…

img_20170201_142018_904.jpgWalking in the park more now that the sun is staying out for longer. This photo does not do justice to a beautiful reflected sunset I saw the other week. I am so grateful for having a park so close to our house, it does me such good to just get outside for a few minutes and get some fresh air.

dsc_1841.jpgBlinking in the brightness of this colourful array of yarn. I discovered this gorgeous arts and craft shop in a tiny Wales village called Montgomery. The shop was small and crooked, all the floors slanted and the door frames were wonky, and there was a ginormous but friendly Irish Wolfhound sitting by the tills. It was a bit like being in Wonderland!

dsc_1864.jpgPlaying with Orla. Now that she is a fully fledged one year old, Orla’s repertoire of games has vastly expanded. She now likes playing with stickers, bubbles and pouring her drink on to the carpet whenever I am not looking.

dsc_1875.jpgGoing all out  for movie night. Last week we decided to do movie night properly. We rented classic Sci-Fi film Dune. We pulled the sofa up to the telly, dimmed the lights and lit candles. Rob made popcorn and salted caramel from scratch and I poured the wine. It was bliss! Think we might do the same this weekend.

dsc_1894.jpgJumping on the Bullet Journal bandwagon. I have been using this journal to track my goals and to-do lists since January. The biggest change it has helped me to make is to keep on top of the house work. I have a list of 8 daily household chores and 6 weekly or fortnightly chores. Even though I rarely tick everything off, I find I am getting a lot more done and the housework is feeling more manageable. I now take this journal with me everywhere I go, it my top new accessory!