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I am in the middle of a beauty and style revamp at the moment. We have just finished decorating our bedroom which has been a great opportunity to clear out clothes that I don’t wear or don’t fit anymore. I am very loyal to the clothes that I buy and tend to keep them for years but post baby and almost thirty I have found I am less inclined to wear the things I picked out at 19. Time for some changes!

I am getting ready to refresh my wardrobe with some new pieces and I have been drooling over one of my favourite British designs; Miss Patina. They’re clothes are whimsical, well made and have a vintage feel. I already have two pinafore dresses that are great for winter with tights and long sleeved tees underneath but I am really in need of some summer outfits.

And I know that this is coming across as a sponsored post but scouts honour, this is just me putting the links to clothes I would like in a place I will remember! Plus I actually do like it when other bloggers share their wish lists, that’s how I find out about new designers to stalk! I do genuinely love Miss Patina and think it would be cool if more people knew about them.

Here are the things in their new collection that are currently on my Wish List.

The Jane Austen Dress


Ignore the awful shoes and sock combo and replace them with some sandles and you are ready for all riverside picnics the summer may offer. I love the collar and the fact that it has pockets! In fact, my other two Miss Patina dresses also have pockets, it’s one of the reasons why I keep coming back to their site!

Unicone Cardigan


Unicorns are the new Flamingos – they are everywhere! And whilst the trend has not really appealed to me so far, I will admit that I find this cardigan rather cute, especially for summer evenings when it is getting cool but you are not ready to go inside yet. £55 is a bit steep for a cardi though, may have to wait for the sale for this one.

Vanilla Petal Top


I love this collar detail and the shade of cream, I just can’t decide if a big collar like this would work on someone with a larger bust. Also because the top is tucked in to the skirt on all of the photos I can’t work out how long it is. I am so close to loving it but I feel this is one of those items that you need to see in person to decide whether or not you really want it.

Peppermint Playsuit


Look how happy the model is! Maybe it’s impossible not to be happy in a playsuit? I think this looks really cute. I love the pattern and how light weight it looks. It is a little bit short but then again would be a good thing to slouch around the garden in and try and get a bit of sun on your legs.

Loop the Loop Dress


This one is from their sale section and is only £25! Swoon! Sometimes all you need is a classic summer dress in a vibrant colour. I love the cut out collar, the nipped in waist and the contrasting hem. I think I would also like the shoes too with this one!

Well, those are the pieces that are luring me back to shopping. Is anyone else doing a summer wardrobe revamp?