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A good movie is great comfort to the soul. I remember that Glee episode where it is revealed the Mr Schuester watches Singing in the Rain every time he is sick and I know I am exactly the same. When I am sick, tired or drained there is nothing quite like revisiting a story with familiar faces and reassuring promises that good will triumph over evil in the end.

Here are five movies that are on the top of my DVD pile:

For Romance: Down With Love

This is my favourite romantic comedy of all time. It is delicious eye candy from start to finish. Overly stylized with superb sixties outfits, fake and romantic back drops and a score that punctuates every joke in this zany farce. It’s sweet, funny and bright. Perfect for when you need cheering up, not so good if you are on a diet; chocolate is heavily featured.

Oh and it has the tightest script, not a single line is wasted and they pack so many jokes into 90 minutes that the time will fly by!

For Blockbuster Fun: Jurassic Park

I can recite this movie, word for word by heart  but if it comes on the telly I will watch it again. It is all so perfectly done. The T-Rex attack, the build up of the raptors as the most deadly animal, the beauty of the special effects that are so good that you accept the dinosaurs as they are. Not to mention the brilliant characters who nearly all get a proper character arc. And that music score that lifts your heart as the helicopter sweeps over the island. Pure Blockbuster perfection!

For Sci-Fi: The Fifth Element

The day after our wedding Rob and I checked into a hotel at Manchester Airport so that we would be ready the next morning for our flights to our Honeymoon in Turkey. I was very happy, but also very tired. My mind was still in ‘to-do list/organisational/event planning’ mode even though there was no more event to plan. I just couldn’t switch off. Then Rob turned on the TV and the Fifth Element was on, we both collapsed on the bed and with the help Bruce Willis, Mila Jovovich and a flying ball of dark matter heading straight for Earth, we gently came down out of the wedding buzz and began to relax.

For Creature Feature: Lake Placid

Lake Placid borders somewhere between tongue-in-cheek horror and outright parody of creature horror movies. It’s funny more than it is scary but it will give you second thoughts about paddling in the nearest lake. I have strong memories of watching this with my friends as a teenager and I still think it is hilarious today especially the cranky old lady mouthing off to the police!

For Old Style Hollywood: High Society

Bing Crosby, Grace Kelly and Frank Sinatra singing and lounging around a millionaire’s palatial home. They exchange sharp barbs and cool wit over coffee, drink cocktails by the pool, and misbehave in a the most glamorous pre-wedding shindig you will ever see. I love every minute of it!