June has been a lovely month for our little family. We have fit in two mini-breaks and have made the most of the sunny weather. Here is a snapshot of this month.

Currently I am…

Treasuring the memories we made on Orla’s first visit to Ireland. We spent a perfect weekend with Rob’s side of the family. It was our first time taking Orla on a plane, and she slept through the entire flight there and back! We played on the beach, visited gardens and spent lots of time eating with family. We loved every minute!

Nitpicking Orla’s reading material. This buggy version of the very hungry caterpillar has irked the pedantic in me by labeling a plum as ‘blue’ when it clearly purple, or indeed plum! What is the world coming to?

Jumping on the Unicorn trend and ordering a Unicorn Hot Chocolate at a Hipster Chic Coffee bar in Clitheroe, Escape Coffee and Cocktails. Orla was more interested in Rob’s banana milkshake, which was good as I certainly did not want to share!

Drinking in the view from a cocktail bar looking over the river in Bristol. Last week we took another small holiday to Bristol and met up with our friends who also have kids. We took it in turns to go out, and one of my best moments was sitting on a terrace, eating chocolate torte looking out over the river at a very late sunset.

Stopping to smell the roses. On our way back from Bristol we stopped at the Trentham Estate, just off the M6 near Stoke on Trent. It broke up the journey back home and gave us a really fun day out exploring some stunning gardens. These roses gave off such a lovely scent it was hard to leave them behind.